Texas Trenching


Whether you’re a general contractor utilizing a Texas trenching subcontractor to dig oil and gas pipelines, wind farm collection systems, fiber optic lines, or any other ditching project, we understand that your time is money.

As the premier Texas trenching company, serving Texas, new Mexico, and Oklahoma, the professionals at Tech Con Trenching combine experience with efficiency to keep your projects on track and your margins in the black.  With more than 35 years of experience, we anticipate trenching and ditching problems ahead of time, so that we are always ready to face the unique challenges of cutting into any rock or dirt surface.

Furthermore, we don’t allow unforeseen trenching obstacles to justify any alterations to our estimates.  We stand by every agreement, and work diligently to get every job done quickly.  By using and maintaining the best trenchers and chain ditching equipment  that money can buy, there are a multitude of trenching widths and depths that we can provide.

There is a reason why our Texas trenching clients say that we are the best at what we do, and we are eager to bring our trenching professionalism to your work site.  If you would like to find out more about our trenching services in Texas, Mexico, or Oklahoma, call us today at (830) 868-2886.

Successful Texas Trenching is All About Anticipating Problems

Every contractor faces unpredictable obstacles, and it’s no different in the trenching business.  At Tech Con Trenching  we take every precaution to prevent obstacles from derailing our progress.

Since 2002, we’ve been keeping detailed trenching histories of every region we work in.  These records details the type of surface material we encountered, so that when we work in the same area again we can anticipate what type of rock may be present.  This allows us to bring the right machines to the work site, whether it be chain trenching or chain ditching equipment.

Our state-of-the-art Texas trenching equipment is maintained by our own professional operators and serviced by mechanics who are the best in the business.  This has helped us maintain a stellar safety record and prevent any down time that can cost contractors money.  Because we staff our own mechanics, when a piece of equipment fails we can have them on-site in only the time it takes for them travel to it.

Every trenching operator is also equipped with their own customized service skid, which includes all of the things they need to keep things running smoothly.  Grease, oil, and a wide array of tools allows all equipment to be checked and maintained daily.

When it comes to anticipating potential trenching problems, there is absolutely no substitute for experience.  However, even experience can’t help if you don’t act diligently to apply the knowledge you’ve gained.  Our efficiency on the work-site is a product of our continual growth, and we are eager to put it to work for you.

Contact us Today for all of Your Trenching and Ditching Needs

We work with oil and gas pipeline contractors, companies connected to the energy industry, government and municipal entities, and many other commercial clients that demand professionalism, honesty, and dedication.  Anything less will end up costing you money, so don’t take any chances with your Texas trenching or ditching needs.

Call our office today at (830) 868-2886, and speak with one of our qualified trenching professionals.

There is a reason we have the reputation we do, and it’s because we earned it through decades of hard work and uncompromised principles.  We look forward to putting our trenching experience to work for you.

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