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When it comes to providing general contracting work for businesses and residents, you need an efficient team.  Most people don’t realize that many contractors require the help and assistance of a trenching company that can do New Mexico Trenching.  If you are a contractor and need to subcontract your work in New Mexico, give Tech Con Trenching a call.

Discover why many contractors choose to work with Tech Con Trenching

As a customer-focused company, Tech Con Trenching has provided dirt trenching, chain trenching, ditching, and a wide variety of trenching services throughout Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Our reputation has been built on providing quality service.

With over 35 years of experience our success can be contributed to focusing on things that really matter in the trenching industry. We strive to ensure we provide the following for all trenching jobs in New Mexico:

Safety– While dirt trenching can be a dangerous business; we make sure we follow all OSHA guidelines. We strive to ensure both our customers, contractors and highly trained professionals are safe at all times. If we feel that there are unsafe measures, we will do everything we possibly can to rectify the situation.

Efficiency– When it comes to chain trenching, dirt trenching, or general trenching, it can take a long time.  At Tech Con, we understand that there is simply no time to waste.  Consequently we follow the best practices and procedures to ensure the job is done in a timely manner.

Skilled professionals- Dirt trenching requires the skills of highly trained professionals.  This is why we only hire qualified machine operators and mechanics that understand the intricate details of the trenching process in New Mexico as well as working with contractors.

State of the art machines- The machines are just as important as the technicians who operate them.  At Tech Con Trenching, we have state of the art chain trenching machines that are capable of the following:

• Trenching Wind farm collection systems
• Trenching Gas and oil country pipelines
• Trenching fiber optic cross country lines

There is no trenching job in New Mexico that is too big or too small for us to handle.  We have all the necessary tools needed to handle any dirt trenching, chain trenching or rock job in New Mexico and the surrounding areas. Our skilled professionals have years of experience and are able to determine if challenges may occur before they start a New Mexico trenching job. If they feel challenges may occur, they will devise a plan to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way.

Contact our trenching company in Texas today and discover the difference!

When it comes to searching for a New Mexico trenching company, you want a company who can save you time and money.  At Tech Con Trenching, we do exactly that!  In fact, we haul or own trenching equipment to your job site and also provide onsite-MOB-around.  Whether you need to provide contracting services for a business or a large commercial project, you can be assured that we have everything you need for an effortless job.

Call us at 1-830-868-2286 and discover why many New Mexico businesses and contractors prefer our trenching services.

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